Jonnie Penn talks about his favorite Buried Life moments, dishes about Rachel Mcadams


Got the chance to talk to Jonnie Penn from The Buried Life about future Buried Life projects and he dished about Rachel McAdams!

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These guys are so inspiring. I remember I used to watch their show every week and it would sometimes bring me to tears to see how passionate they are about living fully and getting others to as well.

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Polaroid fun (x)

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#83: Street Perform

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The Buried Life in Rome

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Happy Heart Day, scallywags!

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The Buried Life will be in Italy for all who are in/around the area!

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The Buried Life + faceless

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Today I met the boys of the Buried Life. I’ve wanted to meet them since their show and I am seriously in such disbelief and awe that it happened. They’re such genuine and down to earth guys and their talk was so fucking inspiring and hilarious. My face hurt from smiling so much. I feel like I can do absolutely anything I want in this world and nothing can stop me. And the greatest part of this whole thing was having Jonnie cross off “Meet the Buried Life boys” off my list.

I wish we got to talk to them longer so I could tell them they were the inspiration behind a Zine that I am designing about other peoples bucket lists and the beauty behind writing them and accomplishing things on them. And to tell them that they have so much to do with the way that I live my life and my choice to take the path in doing what I love over stability. I’m just so inspired and so happy to have gotten the opportunity to listen to them speak. Life is great. 

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Got to photograph the guys from The Buried Life tonight at a school event. Have to say as a first event in my photography journey it was pretty fantastic. 

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Ben misheard my name but I got to say a whole thank you speech to Duncan so I don’t even care.

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"Guess which one of us is Morgan Freeman?"  (x)

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Do you know where i can watch "The Buried Life" online?

It used to be available on a few websites but not anymore. At least not that I’m aware of. Sorry! :(

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Hello! I'm Mary. Welcome to theburiedlifegifs! Where, funnily enough, you'll find plenty of gifs of The Buried Life. If you've got any requests, head on over to the ask box and I'll be happy to oblige.

The Buried Life Gifs has a twitter (@buriedlifegifs) and you can also contact me through email (buriedlifegifs@gmail.com)


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